Thursday, May 1, 2008

ACCEPTED.........Reject Rejection

Accepted is a 2006 comedy film. The plot centers around two groups, one of which is a group of high school seniors, who after being rejected from all the colleges to which they had applied, proceed to "create" their own "college". The other group is composed of fraternity freshmen who attend a prestigious university nearby. The plot adversity is created through a dynamic in which the Dean of the nearby prestigious university attempts to use one of his students to assist him in this endeavor to acquire adjacent and abutting realty to expand its campus to create an adjacent park-like expanse, and the recalcitrant upstarts whose "college" (housed in an abandoned psychiatric hospital) begins to flourish and who refuse to facilitate the sale of their leasehold to the university. They call their college "South Harmon Institute of Technology" ("S.H.I.T.") and proceed to develop a facility; a curriculum; and, a faculty, and thereby ultimately are accorded provisional accreditation by the state board of education when this is satisfactorily demonstrated, and the day is saved.

Though presented as a light comedy, the film's undertone throughout is highly critical of the U.S. college system (and the college ranking system)

Directed by:Steve Pink

Justin Long
Jonah Hill
Lewis Black
Columbus Short

Written by:
Adam Cooper
Bill Collage

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